Q. Why should I study abroad in Thailand?

A. This will be a life changing experience for you and will help separate you from your classmates. Very few students have a study abroad experience, let alone one involving a service learning project like ours. Not only will this experience expand the way you view the world, but it will make you stand out on the job market. 

Q. How do I get to and from Thailand?

A. You can purchase a ticket on any airline, however, many students end up traveling together because they choose the cheapest flight option. It is recommended that you purchase your ticket after meeting the group at the Feb 8th orientation.

Q. How safe is Thailand?

A. Bangkok is quite safe for a large city. Most crime involves scams (e.g. motorbike rentals, local taxis) and violent street crime is rare against tourists. It’s always best to travel in groups and be sure to let your roomates and tour leaders know if you are going out so everyone is accounted for.

Q. Can I go with a friend or family member?

A. Absolutely! Be aware than non-CSULB students will be lower priority for acceptance

Q. Can I go to Thailand early or stay after the program ends?

A. Sure! Going 1-3 days early is nice to help you adjust to the time difference and rest from the long flight. You are also able to stay after and explore other parts of Thailand or even other Asian destinations, Maybe a friend wants to meet up with you after to explore Angkor Wat or Bali?

Q. How can I stay in touch with friends/family while in Thailand?

A. While in Thailand, you should buy a local SIM card and data plan. You can get an unlimited data plan for about $20 for our 3-week period. Be sure to check with your carrier that your phone is unlocked for international travel and the SIM card can be swapped out. With a local data plan, you can FaceTime, Skype, or use a variety of apps to stay in touch.

Q. What is the LINE app that we need to get?

A. Please download, install, and create an account with the LINE app. We will use this to communicate with each other while in Thailand. Once you’ve created an account, add “meeyai88” as a friend and I will add you to our group chat.

Q. How much $$ should I bring with me?

A. Most students will be fine with $200-400, but if you like to shop or drink alcohol, plan accordingly.

Q. How can I get money while in Thailand?

A. ATMs are available, but often charge high fees in addition to cross-border fees that your bank may charge. Cash is generally best for small purchases and taxis. Credit cards are accepted at shopping malls and most stores, but not in taxis or by street vendors.

Q. What should I bring with me?

A. You will be provided with some suggestions on what to bring. Additionally, alumni will also provide tips from their experience.

Q. How will I know whether I’ve been accepted to the program?

A. If the class doesn’t get more than 18 people to apply, then everyone can attend. If there are more than 18, selection is based on 1) how early you applied and submitted the supplemental questionnaire, 2) whether you are prepared for village life in Chiang Mai, and 3) those that will represent CSULB and the program well to our Thai hosts.